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Have you been disillusioned with the traditional church?  Burdened by the passing of offering plates to pay for the building fund, the new heating and air conditioning system, the roof or even to give a special offering for the pastor or the church staff?  Are you tired of all the entertainment, the sketches, and the 20 songs you sing before you get to the real reason you came to church in the first learn about God's Holy, inerrant and infallible Word?

What SEEKERS offers is a place to worship, praise and learn God's Word without hindering your ability to do so.  We don't pass an offering plate.  We don't own a building.  No salaries are being paid to anyone!  The money from our tithes and offerings go directly back into the community in an effort to seek and save those who are lost and then to disciple them.

We offer a imperfect and loving atmosphere where Jesus Christ is the center of attention!  We are intentional about putting first things first and focused on keeping the main thing the MAIN THING...God first in all that we do, say and respond.

If you are looking for a change from the ordinary and want to experience a service that, what we believe closely resembles the first church in Jerusalem, then we invite you to join us here at Seekers!  Come as you are and you will be accepted as you are. 

Why Seekers?

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